Frequently Asked Questions

  •   Q General What are the benefits of purchasing a Toku Corporation blood flow microscope?

    A Many industry leaders in the medical, beauty and health fields purchase blood flow microscopes from us. Thanks to our experience and know-how, we can offer the right advice for your company.(See our past deliveries.)

  •   Q General What can be seen in the blood flow microscope?

    A As a regular microscope, skin texture, blackheads and pores can be observed more clearly than with microscopes sold for several tens of thousands of yen, but the characteristic feature of our blood flow microscopes is that they allow the flow of blood in the scalp, skin and toes to be observed easily and clearly thanks to a combination of an attachment and special oils.

  •   Q Medical Can blood flow evaluations be quantified?

    A We have a license for the Capimetrics (Capillary Metrics) blood flow analysis software developed by KK Technology of the United Kingdom (which has over 20 years of experience in quantitative evaluations of capillaries), which allows blood flow velocity, blood vessel thickness, blood vessel density, etc., to be quantified. Many articles related to Capimetrics have been released over the years. The software can be applied to evaluations in many areas, including diabetes, high blood pressure, dermatology and ergonomics. We invite you to view a list of these articles. List of related articles

  •   Q Medical We have tried evaluating blood flow using laser doppler and other methods, but it was hard to see significant differences. Are there significant differences with capillaries?

    A Because capillaries are 7 microns in size, subtle changes can occur quickly.  Many evaluations have been made in clinical trials related to blood flow, for supplements, health foods and therapeutic devices, etc., and significant differences have been observed. In addition, since changes in blood flow are clearly visible, our method offers the advantage that it can also be used as a sales promotion tool in conjunction with clinical data.

  •   Q Medical Can animals also be evaluated?

    A For rats, mice, dogs, etc., the blood flow conditions on the surface of the skin can be filmed in areas where the fur is thin or by using hair removal agents. By using our recommended blood flow microscope, images can be taken at a level at which the white blood cells can be counted.

  •   Q Health Can your blood flow microscopes be used in health centers and by health insurance associations as well?

    A We have delivered many of our blood flow microscopes to health clinics, health centers and the health insurance unions of major companies. Please refer to our past deliveries.

  •   Q Health Why should we observe the nail contour of the ring finger of the hand opposite the dominant hand (near the root of the cuticle)?


    • Usually, the capillaries on the skin surface extend from the dermal layer to the epidermal layer, so when viewed from the skin surface with a blood flow microscope, often only the tips of the capillaries are visible as dots (blood vessels extending laterally a little deeper inside the dermal layer can also be observed), but because the cuticle has a form corresponding to that of the epidermis at the nail contour, the blood vessels can be observed here over an extended length.
    • The ring finger of the hand opposite the dominant hand is said to be the least used of the ten fingers, so it is easier to observe the blood vessels in their original form here.
    • Of the hand’s ten fingers, the ring finger of the hand opposite the dominant hand is said to be the one with the worst circulation, and it is said that if the capillaries on this finger are in good shape the blood vessels throughout the body tend to be in good shape as well.
  •   Q Health What do we learn by observing the capillaries of the ring finger of the hand opposite the dominant hand?

    A We can learn tendential changes in lifestyle habits (food, exercise and rest) according to the capillary shape, turbidity, velocity, dermal papilla, etc. At the installation seminars we provide after delivery of our blood flow microscopes, we offer advice on counseling methods, etc., suited to your products and services.

  •   Q Health If there are hangnails on the ring finger of the hand opposite the dominant hand or the finger is injured, which finger should be observed?

    A As a substitute finger, it is said that it is best to observe the middle finger or little finger of the hand opposite the dominant hand.

  •   Q Beauty How are blood flow microscopes used in the beauty industry?

    A In addition to the research laboratories of major cosmetics manufacturers, many are used for sales and counseling applications. Please refer to our past deliveries.