High performance blood flow microscope for both tabletop and handheld use TOKU Capillaro

[Industry first] Equipped with 3 modes!

  • Carefree checks with no blood sampling
  • Zoom functions supporting a wide range of applications
  • Compact size and easy operation
  • For both tabletop and handheld use
  • Maintenance free

This device is a blood flow microscope equipped with a wide range of zoom functions. In addition to observation of the blood flow on the fingertips, the device can be removed from its dedicated base and operated in the hand. This professional microscope for both tabletop and handheld operation can be used not only to observe skin texture and sebum but also the blood flow of the skin and scalp.

Operating instructions can be found here.

Camera section specifications

Model Desktop stationary type (main unit only handheld type)
Video signal Digital CMOS color system
Modes included 3 modes (fingertip blood flow, skin and scalp blood flow, and epidermis and natural color)
Number of pixels 1.3 million
Magnification 130x to 510x zoom
Screen Full-screen and split-screen display, simultaneous video comparison possible
Measurements Dimension measurements (between two points), scale bar display, angle measurements
Video output USB 3.0 video output
Lighting method Direct lighting with high brightness LEDs
Power supply Supplied by USB
Power consumption 1.6 W or less
Main unit size f30 (outer diameter) × 90 (length) mm
Base size 70 mm (horizontal) × 120 mm (longitudinal) × 65 mm (height), position adjustment in the XYZ directions, hand shaking prevention function
Main unit weight Main unit 110 g (total weight 263 g)
Accessories Attachment, extension cable
Country of manufacture Japan

* The TOKU Capillaro is not a medical device.

Superiority and originality of the TOKU Capillaro compared to other products

  • An industry first! Equipped with 3 modes

    1. Fingertip blood flow mode 2. Skin and scalp blood flow mode 3. Epidermis and natural color mode

  • Carefree checks with no blood sampling

    No blood is collected, so the blood flow can be observed with peace of mind.

  • High definition, light weight, compact size

    The number of pixels is more than double that of conventional models, and zooming is possible up to 510x, further improving analysis accuracy. The main unit weighs only 110 g. The TOKU Capillaro is thinner and more compact, and can be used to observe all body parts with handheld operation.

  • New designated base (patent pending)

    Position adjustment is possible in the XYZ directions, eliminating the need to move the hand, and the hand shaking prevention function improves analysis accuracy.

  • High quality with a low price

    The camera unit and base are manufactured in Japan for your peace of mind. The dedicated software allows selection of the mode most suited for the position to be observed, and was developed to meet the needs of researchers. There is no need for an expensive monitor, reducing the overall cost.

  • TOKU Capillaro video filming and display software

    The software records and saves videos and still images. Images can be displayed in full screen or simultaneously on split screens, so the difference before and after treatment is clear!

  • Scale bar display and measurement of distance between 2 points

    For convenience when making measurements, scale bar can be displayed on the screen, and the distance between two points can also be measured.

  • Angle measurement function

    Angles can be measured by connecting 3 points. It is possible to judge whether the angle is 90 degrees or not. This serves as a rough indicator of ghost blood vessels.

  • Windows compatibility

    The software is compatible with Windows, so observation is possible on a computer screen connected by USB 3.0. There is no need for a dedicated monitor or AC power supply.

Toku Corporation offers full support, from demonstrations to installation seminars!

  • We generally offer demonstrations at your site.

    (If you are far away, extra time may be required to organize multiple demonstrations in your area.)

    As well as explaining the device’s use and operation, we also ask you how you intend to use the device and offer advice suited to your company based on our extensive experience (please see the list of past deliveries).

  • After delivery, we provide support through an “installation seminar” (lasting about 90 minutes).

    (We provide a separate estimate of transportation expenses, etc.)

    In addition to providing training in the operation of the device mainly for those who are actually going to operate it, we also introduce counseling cases tailored to the products and services of your company. When visiting customers who have made inquiries, we often hear that customers have purchased other brands of blood flow microscopes but do not use them because they do not know how to operate them or how to provide counselling. Rest assured that we offer support so that you will take 120% advantage of your TOKU Capillaro. Details

List of products

  • TOKU Capillaro (main unit)

    A compact blood flow microscope with a wide range of zoom functions. The microscope can be removed from its dedicated base and used as a handheld microscope, so you can observe the blood flow conditions of all body surfaces, including skin, scalp and toes. Real images of the blood flow in all parts of the body can be observed by connecting the device to your computer’s USB 3.0 port and launching the TOKU Capillaro software.

  • TOKU Capillaro Set

    TOKU Capillaro, TOKU Capillaro software (video and still image software), attachment, extension cable and storage case

    By connecting the TOKU Capillaro to a computer, videos and still pictures can be saved and videos can be compared on split screens. The device is delivered in a storage case. (Specifications are subject to change.)

  • TOKU Capillaro Research Set (with Capimetrics analysis software)

    TOKU Capillaro, TOKU Capillaro software (supporting videos and still images), attachment, extension cable, storage case, “Capimetrics” image analysis software, recommended notebook computer (Windows Core i7)

    By connecting the TOKU Capillaro to a computer, videos and still pictures can be saved and videos can be compared. The device is delivered in a storage case. This research set is recommended for research institutes and universities. (Specifications are subject to change.) The “Capimetrics” analysis software can be used to analyze blood flow velocity, blood vessel thickness and blood vessel length.